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How We Hire

Hiring Process

Step 1 - Online Application

Submit your application online. Your resume and application will be reviewed by Human Resources and the Hiring Manager.

Step 3 - Behavioral & Skill Assessment

Part of our hiring process also includes various assessments, which help us evaluate your job-related abilities and aptitude.

Step 5 - Professional References

Before a final decision is made, professional references will be completed.  These are done online through a portal called Outmatch.  All you need to do is input your references and we take it from there.

Step 2 - Phone Interview

Should your application meet the job qualifications, you will be contacted for a phone interview via Calendly, which is through email.

Step 4 - Face to Face Interviews

The next step is to meet you to find out if you are a fit with our culture and business goals, and you want to know if Pekin Insurance is a match with your values and career goals.

Step 6 - Final Decision

Based on the results of the interview, various assessments, and professional references, you may be extended a job offer.  Before you start, we’ll conduct an extensive background investigation.

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